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Join us for the 2014 golf season!

In order to join SMWGA, you need to hold an active GHIN card through a member club and have an index of 36.0 or less. An annual membership fee of $30 entitles you to play in weekly 18 hole tournaments held on Tuesdays at many of southern Maine 's finest golf venues. Entry fees range from $25 to $48 and tournament formats vary throughout the season.  Gross and net prizes are awarded, but the emphasis is on making new friends who, like you, love the game of golf!

Please contact us if you have any questions about becoming a member of  SMWGA.


Oh my…it’s hard to believe that Fall is in the air.  Our tournament season is flying right by!!  Thankfully we’ve had far more days of nice weather than not.

Our B Championship has come and gone.  The day was sunny and it seemed those that played had a fun day of golf with a nice meal and prizes afterward.  The folks at Dutch Elm were very hospitable and we thank them for hosting us.  Darlene Davison from Purpoodock is our new B Champion.  Congratulations to you Darlene and to all who took prizes in their flights or got closest to the pin.  The full results are posted under B results, B Championship.  Thank you to all who entered and helped to make this tournament a success.  Thank you Barbara Freeman for the great job you did taking care of the details.  Your centerpieces including flowers from your garden were beautiful!

 Fortunately we still have tournaments left to compete in, so remember to check out the schedule weekly and get signed up to play!

 Hope to see many of you out there,


Due to some controversy and confusion by some participants in the 2-Ball about not finishing every hole and posting scores, I thought it best to share the facts from the USGA. In a team event it is not only acceptable but at times preferred that a player not finish a hole. Pace of play can be negatively impacted if a player who obviously is “out of a hole” insists on finishing anyway. However it is critical that when you do pick up on a hole that you assign a score according to USGA rules. Simply stated you should take the score that you would most likely get if you did finish the hole or your ESC, whichever is lower. (ESC is the maximum number of strokes you are allowed on a hole based on your handicap.) For example, if you lie 4 and pick up 25 feet away from the hole, most likely (more than 50% of the time) you would 2-putt, so you should add two strokes and enter an X-6 for your postable score. The decision about the number of strokes taken should be made with the utmost integrity as it is against the rules to manipulate your handicap by adding too many or too few strokes when picking up.

Please review the following links from the USGA as they clearly spell out the details of this practice of “picking up”.

So in the next team event, “pick it up…by the rules”.

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